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The Big Picture Booth Appearance

If you haven't seen The Big Picture Booth in person, one of the first questions we get asked is "What does your booth look like?" People are used to the traditional closed photo booth and sometimes can't wrap their heads around what an open air photo booth looks like and if it will fit in their venue space.

We won't deny that our booth utilizes a good amount of space but because it is an open booth, there is plenty of walking space and many different ways to set it up. Typically The Big Picture Booth requires a 10x10 amount of space. In this space we have the booth, a backdrop and the prop table.

The booth itself is a sleek, modern set up that utilizes an easy to use tablet interface for guests to navigate the process of taking their photos (we always have someone on hand to help just in case!)

The Big Picture Booth, New Jersey Photo Booth

Accompanying the booth is our backdrop set up. You will have the ability to choose the color of your backdrop or opt for a personalized backdrop that includes any graphics you would like.

The Big Picture Booth, New Jersey Photo Booth

To see The Big Picture Booth in action at your event, email us at

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