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Hands down, the best part of a photo booth are the props. Before our PBSCO photo booth even arrived, we took advantage of Halloween sales and purchased an insane amount of props. While you quickly learn which props will stand the test of time and abuse, we want to make sure we provide premium props that everyone will enjoy.

Aside from silly glasses, hats and signs, we also like to personalize props for our clients that they can personally relate to. For example, one of our grooms was a fireman and the bride was a nurse so we purchased a fireman helmet and some medical props. We also welcome our clients to bring their own props- some have brought cardboard cut outs of their pets or props of their favorite movie such as Harry Potter. Below are some examples of our favorite props!

Our Avenger masks are always a huge hit!

Who can have a photo booth without Darth and a storm trooper? We also had light sabers but they could not withstand the battles with drunken guests!

Our Captain America shield is our biggest and most loved prop!

When Pokemon go came out last year, we just had to add Pikachu and Ash to our collection!

Our beloved Hulk hands...they went missing at a wedding but we totally understand why. Replacements are on their way!

This baby mask is probably our creepiest prop.

Nothing was better than Hillary and the Donald for a wedding just a couple of days before the election.

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